Thursday, 8 March 2007

Week 1

In the first lecture of the module “Playing the Game” we saw Wittgenstein’s theory about the word “game”. Wittgenstein wasn’t interested in games but he was interested in how to give a definition to word. He stated that games share some similarities but they are not the same, like a family as he said, because family members have similarities sometimes facial features and sometimes body type. In the games we were given to look at in the lecture, doom 2is a shooting game, civilization 2 and Samarost 2, Wittgenstein’s theory comes true. Doom 2 is a game that you walk through rooms and you have to kill anything that moves otherwise it will kill you first and to do so you have to find weapons. Civilization 2, a turn based strategy game, you have to build cities, advance them and build army in order to conquer the world with your nation. Samarost 2, an online adventure game, you have to solve puzzles in order to save you dog. As we saw it is really difficult to give the definite meaning of the word “game” because they are all games but they are differ from each other.

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