Thursday, 8 March 2007

Week 3

In the third’s week lecture we examined the theory of rhetoric, we also examined a murder that the victim’s family was believing that it was because the murderer was effected by a violent game named Manhunt that its purpose is to kill some guys that want to kill you with anything you can use as a weapon, finally it appeared that it was a murder for drug money.
Rhetoric is a type of language that tries to persuade and convince the audience/reader in order to make them believe more in what it says. Rhetoric can be verbal, written, visual and behavioural.
We can find rhetoric can be found in games as well, for example: Red Alert 2, it’s objective is to build army so you can destroy your enemy, it emphasises combat and strategy, the values are: destroy your enemy or you will be destroyed and build big army in order to win, the rhetoric in this game is: manage your army so you can destroy the enemy, but playing Red Alert doesn’t mean that you will become a great general.

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